Nanotechnologies and Quantum Devices

Nanotechnologies and Quantum Devices is an international master pro­gram giving a high-level theoretical and experimental training on diffe­rent types of quantum phenomena – with particular emphasis on quantum devices and nanotechnologies. In this research area, awarded by seve­ral Nobel prizes, the boundaries between physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, biomedicine and ICT engineering have become blurred.

The aim is to create a professional figure having the complementary competences of a modern quantum physicist and a physical engineer in the area of nanotechnology-based quantum devices.

At the issue of the two-year program, taught in English, the succeeding students will receive a double degree : the Italian Laurea Magistrale (Master degree) ‘Nanotechnologies for ICTs’ and the French Master Degree ‘Dispositifs Quantiques’.

After the master’s degree, the students can be directly employed as specialized scien­tists or engineers in High-Tech Industries, or start a PhD thesis work in outstanding public or private research laboratories.